Home Phone prepaid plans

No surprises. Telefásil stands for Telecommunication made easy.
It is a prepaid fixed phone service which enables you to make calls either in Curaçao, or to many other destinations around the world while having total control over the costs you are making.

Prepaid plans benefits

  • Tilin Calling Cards
    Reload your call credit with Tilin Calling Cards to have full control over your budget
  • Crystal clear calls
    Make crystal clear calls from your home phone
  • Free minutes
    20 FREE MINUTES every month to call to more than 64,000 fixed numbers in Curaçao.
  • Attractive rates
    Attractive local and international calling rates

Installation and Subscription Fee

Installation Fee ANG 184 (includes ANG 25 call credit)
Monthly Subscription Fee ANG 26.50
  • Instructions

    How to get a Home Phone Prepaid Plan:

    To get a Home Phone Prepaid Plan all you have to do is visit one of the UTS Stores today. All you need to bring with you is a valid ID.

    How to reload your prepaid-card:

    1.    Dial 12 followed by # from the home phone you wish to recharge or dial 0801-0101 from another home phone or Chippie number
    2.    Press 2 for Home Phone Prepaid (or Telefásil)
    3.    Key in the PIN on your TILIN card followed by # (e.g. 1234 5678 9789#)
    4.    Listen to your new balance and hang up or press 99# to place a call.
    Learn more about Tilin Calling Cards

    How to check your balance:

    1.    Press 11# from the home phone you wish to check the balance of
    2.    Listen to your balance.

    Know the price. In the menu beneath you will find all prices for various services:



    Change of Address ANG 159
    Move of installation point at same address ANG 53
    Extra Connection Point ANG 53
    Surcharge for extra services ANG 26.50
    Call Specification ANG 10 up to 15 pages
    ANG 1 for each extra page
    Change of name of contract holder on the same address ANG 53


Home Phone Prepaid Calling Rates

The Telefásil account includes 20 FREE minutes every month to call to more than 64,000 fixed numbers in Curaçao.

Local Rates



Call Completion Fee

To UTS Fixed ANG 0.04 ANG 0.17
To Other Fixed Operators ANG 0.04 ANG 0.17
To Chippie ANG 0.53 n/a
To Other Mobile Operators ANG 0.53 n/a

International Rates


To Fixed

To Mobile

Caribbean ANG 0.58 ANG 0.69
Neth. Antilles ANG 0.31 ANG 0.41
Europe ANG 0.41 ANG 0.73
United States ANG 0.20 ANG 0.20
Canada ANG 0.20 ANG 0.20
Central America ANG 0.37 ANG 0.63
Asia ANG 0.37 ANG 0.63
Australia ANG 0.52 ANG 0.63
Middle East ANG 0.52 ANG 0.63
Africa ANG 0.63 ANG 0.73
Rest of the World ANG 0.80 ANG 0.80



To Fixed

To Mobile

The Netherlands ANG 0.20 ANG 0.69
China ANG 0.20 ANG 0.20
Puerto Rico ANG 0.20 ANG 0.20
Cuba ANG 1.75 ANG 1.75
Aruba ANG 0.37 ANG 0.58
Suriname ANG 0.61 ANG 0.69