Business Co-location

Through our Co-Location Center we are able to offer space for co-location (full and/or half cabinets) and shared/managed broadband Internet access services, supported by our several monitored site facilities. Once you have your machine or equipment set up, you can take it physically to our location and install it in one of our racks, where it will remain safe and secure at our Tier II or Tier IV establishments.

Advantages of UTS Co-location Center

  1. Our co-location facility has excellent outage protection. During blackouts or bad weather conditions the servers and equipment will keep on running without downtime. 
  2. Our co-location facility provides additional security for your machines. Your server is stored and maintained in a secured environment. 
  3. By establishing at our co-location facility, you can have access to our services at very attractive rates.  
  4. Service benefits: 24-7 Monitoring, Secured access, Redundant Connection

Co-location for other providers

We also offer co-location for placing antennas on our masts located at diverse areas on the island of Curaçao. This service is beneficial to telecom providers, radio networks or any other organization that needs to broadcast its signals either in Curaçao or other areas nearby.


key benefits

Optimal security
High transfer speed data & voice
24-7 communication reliability
Redundant power connections
Redundant data connections
Adequate temperature and environment for equipment
Option for rental of location antenna











To learn more about our Co-Location establishments or the available spaces on our antennas, Let our Sales Representative contact you.