Business Fixed Voice Services

Why is a fixed voice service important for your company? Reliable business communication is essential for a successful company. Therefore UTS business offers an array of fixed voice services adjusted to the convenience and operations of each business. UTS Business offers several IP telephony solutions that deliver seamless, scalable real-time business communications which offer unprecedented flexibility in telephony applications. The driver for converging communications technology isn't in the technology itself, but in how it can be integrated into your business to build sustainable competitive advantage.


fixed voices services by uts business

Single or multiple PBX lines
SIP Trunking
Cloud PBX
E1 PRI / ISDN Lines
Toll-Free & Premium rate numbers (0800 / 0900)



additional possibilities

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Call Centers
Short number service
Call accounting


To learn more about  all the possibilities we can offer you through our fixed services, contact us and let us help enhance your business communications.