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Mobile Postpaid Voice plans for Business

With the UTS Business Postpaid plans you get the convenience of uninterrupted voice service and freedom to manage usage.  Communication with your colleagues and customers is vital for the success of your business. UTS business offers a variety of mobile postpaid packages taking into consideration the needs of each business type.

Postpaid plan benefits

  • Free Smartphone
    FREE smartphone with selected postpaid plans
  • Calling Minutes
    FREE calling minutes to call all local fixed and mobile numbers and international fixed numbers in The Netherlands and USA.
  • SMS credit
    FREE SMS messages to any Chippie number in Chippieland.
  • Attractive rates
    Attractive out of the bundles rates.




Bundle Minutes

Bundle SMS

chippie 20 ANG 21.20 45 minutes 25 SMS
chippie 40 ANG 42.40 100 minutes 50 SMS
chippie 60 ANG 63.60 160 minutes 80 SMS
chippie 100 ANG 106.00 300 minutes 150 SMS
chippie 160 ANG 169.60 500 minutes 150 SMS
chippie 240 ANG 254.40 780 minutes 150 SMS
  • How it works?

    To apply for a Business postpaid plan, all you have to do is visit the UTS Business Store today. Make sure you have the following documents with you:

    • A copy of the register at the Chamber of Commerce not older than 6 months
    • A valid ID

    For new customers a deposit and installation fee is required. For more information, call our Business Customer Service at 0800-1132 FREE from your Chippie.

Benefit from Chippieland

No roaming charges when traveling to any of the countries included in Chippieland!

Mobile Postpaid Data plans for Business

Add Ultra-fast data plans with Curaçao’s fastest LTE network

Business Data plan benefits

  • Attractive data plans
    Choose between two attractive data plans to access all of your favorite mobile applications
  • Low rates
    Attractive low rates for out-of-the-bundle usage (= over-usage)
  • LTE included
    LTE is included in all Mobile Postpaid Data Plans


standard data plan - lte included

ANG 51.94 per month
3 GB Data
7.2 Mbps Download
1.0 Mbps Upload
Out of bundle rate: ANG 0.15 per MB

premium data plan - lte included

ANG 83.74 per month
6 GB Data
7.2 Mbps Download
1.0 Mbps Upload
Out of bundle rate: ANG 0.15 per MB

* Download and Upload speed: the download and upload speed are up to maximums. The speed depends on your mobile device, traffic on the internet, and the number of users close to a network base station. In order to be able to make optimal use of our data services, the mobile device should be compatible with our network. Click here for more information about the devices.



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