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Mobile Data Plans


UTS Business offers a variety of mobile data plans to stay connected on the internet and e-mail anytime and anywhere on your tablet or laptop. It is easy to access and you can connect anywhere to your secure business network.

LTE network

Access to our UTS LTE network

Unlimited content

Access unlimited content anytime, anywhere: email, video conferencing, news and much more





Over Usage Fee


postpaid tablet
ANG 51.943GB Data2-year contractANG 0.15 per MBFree USIM
postpaid tablet
ANG 83.746 GB Data2-year contractANG 0.15 per MBFree USIM
postpaid laptop
ANG 189.7412 GB Data2-year contractANG 0.15 per MBFree Dongle
  • How does it work?

    Instructions & Rates


    To get mobile data for your tablet or laptop all you have to do is visit the UTS Business Store or call us for an appointment at 0800-1132.


    Make sure you have the following documents with you:


    A copy of the register at the Chamber of Commerce not older than 6 months

    A valid ID

    For new customers a deposit and installation fee is required.


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