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Do More, In More Places

UTS business offers a wide portfolio of mobile solutions for companies of all sizes.

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UTS Business offers the most advanced communication technology and the expertise of highly qualified technicians to provide solutions that will help you transform your business into a highly competitive organization.

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Business Internet
Leased Lines
PBX Solutions

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Reap all the benefits of working from the cloud

Cloud solutions allow you to scale services to fit the needs of your business, customize applications, and access services from anywhere with an internet connection. Enterprise users can get applications to market quickly without worrying about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance.

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Cloud PBX
Managed WIFI
Cloud Surveillance

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Improve Performance and Save Money

Comprehensive set of solutions that meet the core application challenges related to your network. The network services of UTS Business can help you provide faster, broader reaching application deployments and enhance your IT's ability to quickly respond to business needs.

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Fixed Voice Services
Local Network Security
0800/0900 Services

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Chippie is the name of the mobile phone service provided by UTS. As a Chippie subscriber you benefit from makingUnlimited FREE Callsto any UTS fixed or mobile number inChippieland*, plus you will enjoy of the lowest data rates on the market. Check out our offers on mobile devices available with a Chippie Prepaid or Chippie Postpaid subscription.