Business Cloud Surveillance

Monitor your business anytime, anywhere with UTS Cloud camera surveillance. 100% cloud management. 100% mobile and web browser viewing. 100% cloud recording.

Starting from ANG 27,50 p/month per camera. Based on 7 days recording on HD Based on a 2 year contract. Not included: cameras, switch, connectivity and installation


cloud storage options

7 days of cloud storage
14 days of cloud storage
30 days of cloud storage
60 days of cloud storage


Full Featured Platform

A full featured parameter platform for customer settings (motion detection, time, etc.)

Remote Storage

Video stored remotely to safeguard video from vandalism.

Optional Storage Time

Optional time-period for storage (7 days - 2 years)

View Anytime

Viewing at anytime, anywhere from any device. Easy video retrieval, send copy to others.

3rd Party Access

Allow access by 3rd party (security company etc.)

Supported Devices

Support most camera types. (Analogue or Digital)