Managed WiFi for Businesses

Get your managed Wi-Fi now and set your business apart by providing an exceptional, fully connected employee and guest experience. We can flexibly customize public and highly secure private Wi-Fi internet access at all of your locations! Also with a managed Wi-Fi you can manage/restrict user access to certain content. Contact us for a tailor-made proposal based on your company’s needs!


A few connection points
Separate access for office and Guests
Management via UTS

Hospitality, Malls etc.

Multiple connection points and sites
Manage access and bandwidth
Management via UTS


Temporary event network
Management via UTS


Secure customer traffic and management

Benefits of offering Free Wi-Fi to your customers

Increased customer time spent

62% of customers spend more time in establishments with Wi-Fi and as a result spend 50% more money.

Competitive advantage

People are selecting venues based upon availability of free WiFi.

Enhance your marketing

Before signing in, customers will be seeing your landing page, or real-time offers. Signing up with email address provides you a data base for email marketing.

Enhance brand exposure

Brand your network with a custom WiFi network name. Let customers ‘check in’ when they are at your location or share a photo to automatically spread the word without any effort on your end.

Manage access

Manage/restrict access to certain content for increased employee productivity. Block access to content (such as Netflix). Restrict access to content (such as Facebook).