Home Calling services

Caller ID/Atami

ANG 5.30 per month

With the caller ID service you can see incoming calls on the display of your home phone if you have a caller ID display or a caller ID box. We have a collection of cordless phones and caller ID boxes in our stores.

Call barring

Free of charge

This service enables you to temporary block all outgoing international and/or mobile calls. You can activate and deactivate this service whenever you want by pressing *33*personal code# to activate and #33*personal code# to deactivate the service. The personal code can be acquired at any UTS store.

Follow me/Siguimi

Free of charge

Why stay at home waiting for a call? Activate follow-me. With this service you can transfer all calls on your telephone to another telephone number by pressing *21*number# to activate the service. To deactivate the service you simply press #21#. Note: The costs of the call from your telephone to the telephone number you programmed will be charged to your number. Follow me can be used on both fixed lines and mobile telephones.

Call waiting/Wardami

Free of charge

With call-waiting you can receive two telephone calls at the same time. When talking on the telephone, a second incoming call can also be answered. Simply press *43# to activate the service and #43# to deactivate the service. How does it work? To answer the second phone call: Press button R or FLASH. You will hear the dial-tone. Press 2. Now you can talk to the other person. To go back to your first call press 2 again.