Business Leased Lines

Get our Leased line connection now; it’s a reliable & secured way to connect your users and dynamic operations. Our Leased line connection helps you to extend your office network across the island or abroad by securely transmitting your data between your different locations via our private network end-to-end.

Leased Line services can enhance your business performance, no matter your business location. Let our Sales Representative contact for a quote based on the latest price offerings

local leased lines

Scalable bandwidths ranging from 2 Mbps up to 1 Gbps
Redundant connections with various options for business
Dedicated point-to-point or point-to-multi point routes
Symmetrical Ethernet-based Access Point
Mostly used for secured “inter-company data transfer”
,which includes but are not limited to Private IP services
, FTP, POS, data sharing between branches, Webpages & mail
server hosting, operating as one organization no matter the

international leased lines

Regional and up to global connectivity with standard
SDH interface
international (undersea) fiber optic cables over 23
countries in Europe, the Caribbean and the United States
Fully managed from PoP to PoP
Constant and committed availability of capacity
Whether you are running a website, managing supply
chains, or providing employees with remote access to your
corporate networks, our IP connectivity is your gateway
with exceptional performance

features included

High performance,secured data connection, with no
contention ratios
Guaranteed throughput & Scalable capacity
Robust Core MPLS-network with an Annual Service up-time
of 99,8%
Guaranteed level of service
24/7 Enterprise Priority Support & response guarantee within
4 hours
Online access to your invoice through UTS MiKuenta portal
A team of certified engineers ensuring you’re up &running online
from the 1st day

optional services

Customized Managed Service options
Redundancy through back-up routes

Let our Sales Representative contact you to find how our Local or International Leased Line services can enhance your business performance, no matter your business location.

And there’s more, from Managed Services, Local Network Security or customized Cloud solutions to private network solutions.