Voice Services

  • Smart Talk Bundles

    - Talk up to 40% more with Smart Talk Bundles
    - Call all local fixed and mobile numbers with Smart Talk Bundles starting from ANG 1.99

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  • Chippie Culture

    - Next to your basic plan choose from 7 international destinations to call
    - ANG 0.80 p/min
    - Get additional Chippie F&F (up to 5 members) at F&F tariff plan rate

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  • Chippie 2410

    - Talk unlimited for 24 hours from Chippie to Chippie(land)
    - Easy activation from your Chippie

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  • Basic

    - Manage your spending with Chippie Prepaid;  no contracts, no commitments!
    - With Chippie Prepaid you are automatically part of Chippieland!

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