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We bid farewell to 9221 and open the way for a new generation of digital media channels


Effective January 1st, 2019, the current UTS Directory Services, which allows you to inquire about UTS local telephone numbers, 9221, will cease to exist. This will open the way to enhance the use of the new generation of digital media channels to seek for local telephone numbers. UTS already introduced its “White Pages App” for mobile phones a while ago. Apps are being used more and more in our community, which is also a worldwide tendency.

Meanwhile, this year, UTS again published its traditional telephone book which also provides the local telephone numbers for both homes and businesses. We will certainly miss the service provided by 9221, however UTS’ White Pages App and UTS’ website, which also includes this information, are the media to be consulted which fit the modern day ‘yu di Kòrsou’.

In case you still do not have the White Pages App, you can download it easily via the App Store on your smartphone in order to seek local telephone numbers easily and fast. The White Pages App is free and accessible 24/7 during 365 days a year from the palm of your hands, without having to wait not even one second. Of course, as mentioned previously, the section of White Pages is also accessible via www.uts.cw.

Many of us grew up with the number 9221 as a source of seeking for local telephone numbers. The friendly voices of the UTS employees are pleasant for many of us. However times are changing and nowadays more and more people make use of among others smartphones. This is the case not only in Curaçao, also around the world, where services such as 9221 are making room for online solutions and apps to be used on mobile phones.

Worldwide services such as 9221 are also being terminated due to their high costs which cannot be regained from their clients. This is also the case for UTS, especially considering the fact that more and more people are now making use of data solutions to make calls (e.g. WhatsApp voice calling).

“We understand that change requires us to adjust and adapt our habits. We know that many people are used to 9221 which was always there to give information on local telephone numbers, and many people will miss the 9221 service. However technology develops continuously and the modern users want to have immediate information accessible from the palm of their hands. With this step, UTS responds directly to this change of attitude. We at UTS are also sad to say goodbye to 9221 service, but in its place we are still providing this service online via the White Pages App and also through www.uts.cw. These will most probably not fill the hiatus of the friendly voices, but they are accessible 24/7 and 365 days a year, and where are mostly likely where users look for the answer to their questions; in the palm of their hands”, as stated by Paul de Geus, UTS’ CEO.

UTS hereby thanks all its clients who during many years have made use of the 9221 service and we trust that the alternatives to get information regarding local telephone numbers will also appeal and will be even more flexible and provide more possibilities to the community of Curaçao.


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