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Chippie offers special bundles for all customers to stay connected!

There is no reason; Don’t Leave Home Without Data


Willemstad, July 18, 2018 ̶ Aware of the need of our customers to remain connected, informed and to be part of all ongoing trends, UTS through its Chippie mobile service, always offers bundles which suit the needs of each customer, which are convenient for all wallets. UTS, aware of this, introduces the new S-bundles, the ‘Special’ bundles. The Surf S and 3D S are ideal to facilitate your daily life when you just can’t be without data connection on your mobile.

After a successful period during which we offered packages with a whole lot of data to enjoy the traditional/cultural seasons, now it’s time to focus on another group of customers. These special bundles offer the ease of knowing that you have data if you need to communicate or to remain reachable via your mobile anytime and anywhere.

The Surf S bundle is for customers who don’t use a lot of applications, who are now getting themselves introduced to data usage or who wish to explore their usage behavior. This group of customers can surely use this bundle which is ideal to get a feeling and experience the peace of mind which 24/7 connectivity offers you. For an affordable price of only ANG 25, you, who do not use a lot of data when you’re out and about, get 500MB valid for 30 days.

For our users who prefer a 3 day bundle with enough data to be able to do much more, the 3D S bundle gives you 3000MB for just ANG 10! Enjoy 3 days of connectivity which is ideal for the weekend or also those days when you are more actively on the go.

There is no doubt that Chippie is always there with you and for you, our dear customer. That’s why we remain the number 1 mobile provider of Curaçao, from our national telecommunication company which provides different bundles at affordable prices for all users. Enjoy being connected anytime and anywhere on the best mobile network which offers island wide LTE speed, of course the Chippie network. There is no reason; Don’t Leave Home Without Data!

Stay tuned for much more! Keep visiting our website or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/utscuracao for all information about our bundles, our great campaigns, offers and more.


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