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Chippie XL

It is a fact that during the carnaval season users of smartphones make much more use of data. This, to share pictures, videos and comment via popular social media applications during a ‘jump-in’ and all different parades and events. Chippie, being well aware of the extensive usage during this season, has raised the data of its X bundles to up to 30GB to accommodate the usage needs of its clients. These bundles are now the ‘XL bundles’!

You read it right, it’s insane! Chippie offers the following XL (extra-large) bundles with extra data so users can enjoy the use of Snap, App, Post and Share or Go Live. They can do so on the spot wherever they are during the entire carnaval season:

  • 3d XL bundle of 3 days for ANG 9.99 previously 1.2 Gigabyte is now 10 Gigabyte
  • Surf XL bundle of 30 days for ANG 99 previously 18 Gigabyte is now 30 Gigabyte
  • Combo XL bundle of 30 days for ANG 139 previously 18 Gigabyte is now 30 Gigabyte

The 3d XL and Combo XL bundles give more data for the same price and our Surf XL bundle, which is very much liked, now also has more data but at a reduced price in order to please our clients during this season.

Of course Chippie always gives an extra touch and has therefore included Free access to CARIFLIX Premium with the activation of one of the XL bundles. Our users can enjoy special events, programs and receive information through this great application.

Besides all this, Chippie offers a tremendous carnaval special. For just ANG 299, you get a smartphone, smartwatch and 3 Gigabytes of data. This offer is available at all UTS Stores until February 28, 2018. Remember, this offer is available ‘while stock lasts’, so get yours now!

Once again it shows that you must have your Chippie to enjoy all the benefits, great coverage, high LTE speeds, attractive rates, offers, campaigns and much more which only Chippie offers you.

Go to www.uts.cw and our Facebook page for more information and also raffles of great prizes during the carnaval season.


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