Find answers to the most common questions about our miUTS service.

  • What is miUTS?

    miUTS objective is to offer customers a universal internet service portal for all online UTS services via a single simple and user-friendly sign on environment.  UTS will continue to add online services under miUTS to continuously add value to the experience of being a UTS customer.


    If you have any questions regarding miUTS please contact us through: 9242 or email us at info@uts.cw

  • What does it cost?

    It’s free. MiUTS is offered to clients at no additional cost. Please note that there may be some services offered under MiUTS which will be charged for. Hepa and Whitpages are free for our UTS Mobile Customers.

  • How can I Signup?

    Please click on "Create an account" to sign up for MiUTS. You will need to fill in some information and accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy to sign up.

  • Why should I signup? What are the benefits?

    By signing up for MiUTS you get access to different online services from UTS. Most of these services are offered free of charge namely: Hepa, Whitepages, etc.

  • How do I change my Password, Email Address, Phone or Fun-miles number?

    Please login then access the “My Info” tab under MiUTS menu-item. Here you can change all of the above.

  • How do I change my Address, First Name, Last Name, ID Number or Birthdate?

    You will need to come by a UTS Store with a valid ID to make changes to this information. Click here for an overview of our UTS Stores where you can go by to make these changes.