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We always encourage our customers to apply for our E-invoicing service “miKuenta” (available when signing up for a miUTS account).
However we offer those who don’t have a miUTS / miKuenta account yet, a free solution for printing their invoices.
Introducing our Self Service Kiosk: a convenient and free service to print your invoices.

Kiosk Locations
Self Service Kiosks

Sign up to print your invoices

When do you make use of our Self Service Kiosks?

  • If you have no internet/e-mail and have no possibility to sign up for e-invoicing through miKuenta
  • If you want to avoid to pay ANG 5,- to receive your hardcopy invoice at home

You can sign up for our Self Service Kiosks at any UTS store, Customer Service Center at Colon or by calling our contact center at 9242. After registration you can visit one of our Self Service Kiosks and print your invoice.


Self Service Kiosk locations

Our Self service Kiosks are conveniently located at the following locations:

  • 24 uur uit de muur at pompstation Sta. Maria
  • Pagafasil/PSB Bank Sta Maria at Rooseveltweg 64
  • Pagafasil/PSB Bank Brievengat at Kaya Betancourt z/n
Stay tuned for additional locations!


For customers who need additional assistance to print their invoice we will have a host/hostess present during the following hours:

  • 24 Uur uit de muur
    Monday July 24th – Friday July 28st from 10:00 – 14:00
  • PSB/Pagafasil Brievengat
    Monday July 24th – Friday July 28st from 10:00 – 14:00
  • PSB/Pagafasil Sta. Maria
    Monday July 24th – Friday July 28st from 10:00 – 14:00



Other ways of knowing your outstanding balance

If you choose that you do not want to make use of this service, UTS also offers you the possibility to inform on your open balance easily by one of the following methods in order to make your payments and avoid inconveniences:

  • SMS the invoice account (contract number) to 1122*
  • Go to www.uts.cw/outstanding and fill in your contract number
*Only works with a Chippie subscription