Payment Options

There are several options for you to pay your UTS bill. Simply choose one of the payment methods described below to effect payment in the way that's most convenient for you. Make sure you have your invoice with you as you go to pay, since payments can only be processed using your contract number, which is mentioned on your invoice.

Standing Order

Standing order

Save time and worries

A standing Order is another payment method with which you’ll save time! With a standing order you will instruct your bank to pay a fixed amount to UTS, at regular intervals (say on the 31st of the month). Please contact your bank for more details to apply for a standing order.

Authorized Distributors

Authorized Distributors

Pay your bill and apply for UTS products and services

You can pay your UTS bills at one of the many UTS Authorized Distributors across the island. UTS Authorized Distributors are recognizable by the UTS Authorized Distributor logo.


UTS Authorized Distributors



Cpost international Locations and Opening hours
Antraco Schottegatweg Oost 4
Cashcomm/ Indel Orionweg 30
Déjà Vu Otrobanda Colon Shopping Center G029
Déjà Vu Sta. Maria Winston Churchillweg 102, UNIT F
Déjà Vu Rio Canario (El Camu) Van Kingsbergenlaan 22
Wimco (Saliña) Hoek Grebellinieweg
Mobile Planet Cas Cora 60
Phone House Punda Heerenstraat 29
Phone House 2 Schottegatweg Oost 82-84
Palais Hindu Electronics Heerenstraat 17
Pagafásil payment points

Pagafásil payment points

More than 120 payment points across the island

Pagafásil is a PSB Bank service and offers customers different locations to pay their bills.

Pagomátiko payment points

Pagomátiko payment points

The fast growing payment service from MCB

With over 100 Pagomátiko locations conveniently located all over Curaçao, you can now pay your bills and recharge your pre-paid phone 24 hours a day (at selected merchants), 7 days a week.

Online banking

Online banking

Got internet? Pay your bill online

Online banking or internet banking allows you to conduct financial transactions on a secure website by your bank. Online banking is the most convenient option to pay your UTS bill! You only need a device which supports internet, an Online banking account from your bank and you are ready to pay all your bills wherever you are 24/7, no more standing in waiting lines or rushing to a payment point! If you do not have an Online Banking Account yet, we recommended you to sign up for one at your preferred bank.


UTS Bank Accounts


Account Nr.

RBC Royal Bank NV 11.06.325
Banco Di Caribe NV 15434602
Girobank NV 1500070
Maduro & Curiels Bank 87017107
Orco Bank NV 1018520001
SFT Bank NV 0011-578100-001
Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Never ever miss a payment

To pay your bills via Direct Debit, you as a bank account holder must authorize UTS to claim the payment from your account every month. The amount (variable amount and frequency) will be deducted from your account and booked directly on the bank account of UTS. If you wish to apply for this payment option you must fill in the Direct Debit form at one of our UTS Stores, at a UTS Payment Point or at your bank.