Até mobile internet

Enhance your internet experience with Chippie! With the mobile internet service of Chippie, you can easily browse the web, check your emails and stay in contact with your friends. No matter if you have a pre-or postpaid subscription! You are not bind to a contract and it is easy to sign up. Below more information is given on the benefits , tariff plan, instructions and conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited internet and data usage from your mobile for only ANG 0.99 per day;
  • Instant connection set-up;
  • Access to the web, email and many other services.  


Tariff plan

A one-time fee per day of ANG 0.99 will be charged at the moment of activation, please notice that in case you don’t opt out by sending an SMS to 5555 with “ate off” this service will have a continuous activation period and the cost will be deducted everyday automatically from your main balance in case you have a prepaid subscription and in case you have a postpaid account you will be billed the aforementioned rate per day. The tariff mentioned above excludes OB charges, so in case you have a prepaid account you should have at least ANG 1.05 on your main balance.


Activation of this service is easy, just send an SMS message with the text ‘ATE ON’ to 5555 and follow the instructions. In case you did not program the settings correctly you will need to follow the instructions below.

The following instruction is generic. The activation process depends on your mobile device and not all devices will respond the same to the installation procedure. Some mobile phones will automatically restart in order to accept the settings/changes and some will need to be restarted manually.

Step 1: Go to Settings/Options.
Step 2: Select (Mobile) networks.
Step 3: Select Access Point Names (APN).
Step 4: insert APN name: UTS APN
Step 5: insert APN :
Step 6: Save changes

In case you need assistance you can call our helpdesk for FREE at 9242.
The number 9242 is free for UTS customers only; for UTS fixed phone users and Chippie mobile phone customers.


  • This service is only valid for prepaid subscribers.
  • In case you want to stop the service you will need to opt-out by sending “ATE OFF” via SMS to 5555.
  • You must have at least ANG 0.01 on your main balance in order to keep your account active to make use of this service.