New and improved TV services for TDS customers

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao - August 31, 2020 TDS customers who currently receive their television service via the company’s legacy wireless multichannel multipoint distribution service (MMDS) are in line for a major upgrade.

Over the coming weeks, those TDS customers will have greater access to cutting-edge TV products and services, as the company moves to permanently shut down the end of life TDS TV platform and transfer these customer to the new feature rich, high definition, advanced video service (AVS) via cable.  

“We are committed to providing industry -leading connectivity and entertainment solutions, so we are treating these migrations as a priority with the ultimate goal of delivering the very best value and service experience,” said Danny Macaya, Country manager Dutch Caribbean.
“Over the past months we have been piloting, testing and improving our migration process and we are ready to continue with our roll out. Once migrated to the new AVS platform, customers will be able to enjoy faster, more reliable connections, along with access to a suite of innovative TV features such as replay and ‘catch up’ TV, video on demand  and a host of other benefits that are not available on the legacy platform.”

Mr. Macaya said it was important to note the company’s investment in migrating the customers served by the end of life TDS platform onto the new AVS platform is part of its obligation to comply with current regulation where the concession to use the wireless MMDS network is coming to an end.  As a result, customers who did not migrate to the new AVS platform will experience a loss of service.

“While this is a big project and represents a change in the way customers receive TV service we also want to emphasise that no customer will be disadvantaged as this was a bold new step into evolving our TV product. While, at this time we are focused on migrating our TDS customers specifically, we will soon start to migrate other segments of customers using a phased approach and we ask for patience during this time,” he said.

The company is proactively contacting these customers to schedule service migration appointments in order to avoid service interruption. All migrations of customers served by TDS must be scheduled and completed by the end of this year. 

“This is an important evolution in the way we deliver television services and we certainly look forward to keeping our customers connected to the things that matter most,” added Mr. Macaya.



Servisionan di TV nobo i mehorá pa klientenan di TDS

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao - 31 di ougùstùs, 2020 Klientenan di TDS ku aktualmente ta risibí nan servisio di televishon via di e sistema wireless MMDS (multichannel multipoint distribution service) ta den tapara pa un gran mehorashon den e servisio.

Durante simannan benidero e klientenan aki lo tin akseso na produktonan i servisionan di televishon avansá segun e kompania ta move pa desaktivá e plataforma di TDS ku ta terminando i pasa e klientenan aki pa e servisio riku na karakterístikanan, high definition via kabel ku ta AVS (advanced video service). 

“Nos ta dediká na proveé konektividat ku ta e mihó den industria i opshonnan di entretenimentu, p’esei nos ta tratando e kambio aki komo un prioridat ku tin komo meta final pa suministrá e mihó balor i eksperensia di servisio,” tabata palabranan di Danny Macaya, Country Manager pa Karibe Hulandes. 
“Durante último lunanan nos a hasi vários ‘pilot’, prueba i mehorashon di nos proseso pa por pasa e klientenan ofer. Awor nos ta kla pa ehekutá esaki. Unabes e kliente keda pasá pa e plataforma nobo di AVS, klientenan lo por disfrutá di konekshon mas lihé, konfiabel i tambe haña akseso na karakterístikanan di TV inovativo manera ‘replay’ i ‘catch up’ TV, ‘video on demand’ i gran kantidat di otro benefishinan ku no ta aksesibel riba e plataforma aktual.”

Señor Macaya a indiká ku ta importante pa tuma nota di e kompania su dedikashon den pasa e klientenan aki ku ta keda proveé ku servisio via di e plataforma di TDS, pa e plataforma nobo di AVS, ya ku esaki ta parti di su obligashon pa kumpli ku regulashonnan aktual kaminda e uso di e ret di MMDS wireless ta yegando su fin. A konsekuensia, klientenan ku no a transferí pa e plataforma nobo di AVS lo eksperensiá pèrdida di servisio.

“Miéntras ku e proyekto aki ta unu grandi i ta trese kambio den e manera ku klientenan ta risibí nan servisio di TV, nos ke enfatisá tambe ku niun kliente lo keda perhudiká ya ku esaki ta un paso grandi, p’asina por evolushoná nos produkto di TV. Miéntras n’e momento aki nos ta enfoká riba pasa spesífikamente nos klientenan di TDS, nos lo kuminsá pronto pa pasa e otro gruponan di kliente segun fase, i nos ta pidi pa pasenshi durante e temporada aki”, el a indiká. 

E kompania ta pro aktivamente tumando kontakto ku klientenan pa traha sitanan pa por pasa e servisio, p’asina evitá interupshon di servisio. E trámite pa pasa klientenan ku ta risibí servisio di TDS mester keda planiá i ehekutá pa mas tardá fin di e aña aki.

“Esaki ta un evolushon importante den e manera ku nos ta brinda servisio di televishon i sigur nos ta ansioso pa mantené nos klientenan konektá na loke ta mas importante pa nan,” señor Macaya a añadí.


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TDS customers who currently receive their television service via the company’s legacy wireless multichannel multipoint distribution service (MMDS) are in line for a major upgrade.