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Do you want to get it all, by just activating one bundle? With the Smart Combo Bundles you can surf, get unlimited talk and unlimited SMS in one bundle for an attractive fixed amount.

Smart Combo

Smart Combo Bundle

Activate a Smart Combo Bundle and stay connected in every way

  • Unlimited* Talk
    Talk as much as you want with the Smart Combo Bundle! You get unlimited talk time to call all your friends and family with a Chippie number in Curaçao and Chippieland.
  • Unlimited* Text
    Unlimited SMS messages to all local numbers are included in your Smart Combo Bundle.
  • Now with double the data on all bundles!
    Get up to 10 GB of Data to Surf on the Best Mobile Network of the island.
  • LTE Service
    Feel the connection with our island wide LTE coverage offered with all our prepaid and postpaid plans.


SMS to 3434





1 day continious combod40 80 Unlimited* Unlimited* 3.99
1 day combod100 200 Unlimited* Unlimited* 5.99
3 days combo3d 800 Unlimited* Unlimited* 14.99
7 days combow500 1000 Unlimited* Unlimited* 49.00
30 days combom2500 5000 Unlimited* Unlimited* 139.00
30 days combom5000 10.000 Unlimited* Unlimited* 179.00
  • How does it work?

    Instructions & Requirements

    • Choose your bundle and send the activation code (see table) via SMS to 3434:
      • Example 1: to activate the Smart Combo Month 2500 send "combom2500" via SMS to 3434
      • Example 2: to activate a 1 day bundle (continuous), send the activation code "combod40" via SMS to 3434.
        To stop the service, SMS "COMBO STOP" to 3434.
        Note: To stop the service successfully, please send the SMS command at least 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to the expiration time of the daily bundle.
    • Confirmation message:
      You will receive an SMS requesting to confirm the data service you have just applied for. Send A to confirm the requested data plan and after confirmation you will receive an SMS with the message that your data plan has been charged. Immediately after this you will receive another SMS confirming that your data plan has been activated.
    • Ran out of Data before the expiry date of your 30-day Smart Combo Bundle?
      Add 1000MB of Data to your Combo Bundle for Only ANG 10.00. Just SMS EXTRA DATA to 3434.
    • Check balance and expiration date of Combo Bundles:
      SMS COMBO VAL to 3434.

    Before activating a Smart Surf Bundle, please take the following into consideration:

    • A UTS 4G+ SIM card is required:
      you can visit any UTS Store to change your current SIM card for a 4G+ SIM card. This is free of charge.
    • A compatible smartphone is required:
      double check if you have a smartphone device with the following frequencies: 2G: 900/1800 Mhz, 3G/4G: 850/2100 MHz, LTE: Band 3 (1800).
    • Change the APN to PREMIUM on your smartphone:
      The APN setting on your smartphone needs to be changed to the word “ premium” in order for the Smart Combo bundles to work. These settings vary per smartphone, but can often be found in Settings-> Mobile Network-> APN.

    If you don’t have a smartphone with the right frequency, you can purchase a compatible smartphone at any UTS Store or UTS Authorized Distributor. Check available smartphones.

    Service Conditions

    • The service is applicable for prepaid customers and can be activated anywhere on Curacao.
    • The Smart Combo Bundles are applicable to be used in homeland and they consist out of the following:
    • Unlimited talk is for calls made to all UTS & Chippie numbers in homeland and to all Chippieland numbers.
    • Unlimited SMS is applicable for SMS send to all local mobile numbers.
    • Limited Data that can be used in homeland as well as in Chippieland.
    • A Fair use policy is applicable on the unlimited minutes in the Smart Combo Bundles. The fair use policy is set at 3000 minutes.

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