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Enjoy endless roaming with our prepaid Chippie roaming services.

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Attractive Roaming Rates

Roam ON with your Chippie at incredibly low rates! Stay connected wherever you travel to with your own number without any worries. Surf or call back home anytime and anywhere. Chippie keeps you connected!

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Chippie prepaid voice

Roam with chippie prepaid voice


  • No Need to Subscribe for Roaming service
    It is included with your Chippie Prepaid account
  • Connected Worldwide
    No matter where you are in the world, you can be reached at your own mobile number
  • Better Control
    You are able to control your spending by determining the available Chippie Prepaid balance on your account

Prepaid Roaming Rates

Enjoy endless roaming with our Chippie roaming services as a Prepaid customer. Click on the button for our prepaid rates.

Prepaid Rates

  • How does it work?

    How does it work


    There are two options available to roam with your Chippie Prepaid account:

    • Call Back System
    • Seamless Roaming

    Call Back System

    To use the Call Back System option with your Chippie Prepaid Account, dial the following:

    *124 * 599 + area code + destination number #

    Here is an example:

    For example: *124* 5999 7771201#

    After inserting this call string, you will be called back!

    With this option you can call from all territories outside of Chippieland to a Chippie mobile number or a fixed telephony in Chippieland.

    Note: Chippie Prepaid users cannot place any calls to other destinations using the Call Back System.

    Currently service out of order!

    Seamless Roaming

    With the seamless roaming option the subscriber can make use of calling service and or data by just dialing +5999 Subscriber number. With the seamless roaming option you can call back by just dialing +5999 Subscriber number.

    The Chippie Prepaid user can dial to anyone, as if they were calling from home.




    Dominican Republic

Chippie prepaid datad

Roam with Chippie prepaid data

Stay connected from anywhere and at any time with your Chippie Prepaid account!

  • Better control
    You have total control over your data roaming charges -- You can only use existing credit on your Chippie Prepaid account
  • Competitive rates
    Competitive data roaming rates compared to other telecom providers

Prevent high data usage while roaming and monitor the use of applications as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be aware that even though you are not using the application, they may still be active and consume data. Keep your data usage low and disable access to cellular data to any application not being used.

  • How does it work?

    3G/LTE roaming


    The rate per MB is the same for GPRS, EDGE or 3G/LTE; the only difference is the speed of downloading and uploading.

    Examples of MB usage for different kinds of data roaming:

    A typical 80-word plain text message is around 10 KB. Thus, 1024 KB = 1 MB = approx. 102 e-mails or instant text messages of 10 KB each. The average e-mail or text message size depends on the type of mail or message that you receive and send. For instance, e-mails or instant messages with (large) attachments (such as pictures, songs, videos, voice notes, etc.) use up a much larger quantity of MB compared to plain text e-mails or messages.

    The average usage of MB for photos (via e-mail or instant message) will depend on the size and quality of the photos. The average size of a digital photo ranges from 500 KB to 2 MB.

    The average use of MB per song is between 3 – 5 MB.

    The average use of MB for a two hour movie is about 800 MB.

Reloading your Chippie prepaid when abroad

Traveling for business or pleasure with your Chippie prepaid? Don’t worry about staying connected! You can reload your balance anytime, anywhere.

  • With a scratch card by using *191*pin number#
  • With a E-pin voucher by using *191*pin number#
  • Via Online banking: recharge your own phone or anyone else’s.
  • By letting someone reload your Chippie at a local ATM back home.
  • Via SMS 1111
Reload your Chippie from abroad