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Telephone book

Each new UTS telephone number is automatically published in the UTS telephone book and the number will be disclosed by the information line 9221. If you want your number to stay private you can apply for the service ‘Private number’.


You also have the option to display an extra notification, an extra sentence or adjust the format. See table below for all rates.


Onetime fee

Monthly fee

No publication of number in phone book and not disclosed by 9221

ANG 53

ANG 15.90
No publication of number in phone book, information only disclosed by 9221 ANG 21.20 ANG 10.60
Extra notification ANG 63 n/a
Extra sentence ANG 21.20 n/a
Bold highlighted ANG 159 n/a
Extra telephone book ANG 15.90 n/a

Our customer service is there to help you!

365 days a year we are attainable for you. When you have difficulties with your subscription, or you just want to know what package suits you best, you can call us daily. This service is free of charge while using a Chippie-card or UTS fixed phone.