Carrier Pre-Select

Our modern and reliable telecommunication network offers you the possibility of direct and automatic communication with almost every part of the world. Pre-selecting a carrier makes things even easier.

How does it work?

With the Carrier Pre-Select option you can choose which carrier to use for inter-island and long distance calls. You can register (free of charge) with a company of your preference. This means that it is no longer necessary to use an access code or dial more digits in front of the number you are calling.

Everyone wanting to make inter-island or long distance calls should have pre-selected a carrier for the making of such calls. In the case no specific company was pre-selected, before making an inter-island or long distance call, one must first select a carrier by entering the access code of the carrier of choice.. The UTS access code is 0101. 

When making long distance calls the following must be kept in mind

  1. Lift the receiver and wait for the dial tone
  2. Dial the international access code (00)
  3. Dial the country access code (in this case Holland 31)
  4. Dial the area code (in this case Rotterdam 010), omit the first zero;
  5. Dial the destination number (123-4567)
  6. Example: 0101 – 00 -31 -50 – 1234567


Carrier Pre-Select Override

You always have the option of ‘overriding’ your pre-selected carrier by simply using the access code of another desired carrier for your inter-island or long distance calls. The UTS access code is 0101.

How to make inter-island calls

The code for inter-island calls in the Netherlands Antilles is 0 (zero). All the islands have their own special code, giving access to the local telephone network.


 Island Code  Example
 Bonaire  07  0-717-xxxx
 Saba  04  0-416-xxxx
 Sint Eustatius  03  0-318-xxxx
 Sint Martin  05  0-54-xxxx
 Curaçao  09  dial 09-xxx-xxxx
 Aruba  00-297  0-297-58x-xxxx
 Aruba Cellular  00-297  0-297-9xx-xxxx


For international country code click here.