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Online Banking

Got internet? Pay your bill online!

Online banking or internet banking allows you to conduct financial transactions on a secure website by your bank. Online banking is the most convenient option to pay your UTS bill! You only need a device which supports internet, an Online banking account from your bank and you are ready to pay all your bills wherever you are 24/7, no more standing in waiting lines or rushing to a payment point! If you do not have an Online Banking Account yet, we recommended you to sign up for one at your preferred bank.


UTS Bank Accounts

Bank Account Nr.

RBC Royal Bank NV 11.06.325
Banco Di Caribe NV 15434602
Girobank NV 1500070
Maduro & Curiels Bank 87017107
Orco Bank NV 1018520001
SFT Bank NV 0011-578100-001


Our customer service is there to help you!

365 days a year we are attainable for you. When you have difficulties with your subscription, or you just want to know what package suits you best, you can call us daily. This service is free of charge while using a Chippie-card or UTS fixed phone.