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3G Wireless Internet

  • What are the benefits of this service?
    • Access wireless broadband Internet anytime, anywhere (mobility)
    • High speed to Wireless Broadband Internet
    • Easy to install modem Handy for small and large businesses
  • How fast is it?

    The UTS 3G can reach a maximum of almost 7.2 Mbps

  • How can the modem be installed?

    The modem can be inserted in the laptop through a USB plug, and automatically the installation procedure will start. You’ll receive an instruction guide from UTS that corresponds to the modem you have bought at UTS. 

  • What are the requirements to make use of this service?
    • A laptop with USB extension
    • A UTS 3G Subscription
    • A USIM (UMTS sim card)
    • You need an USB modem.
  • What is 3G?

    The UTS 3G Wireless Broadband Service offers you Unlimited Internet and e-mails on your laptop wherever you may go and at all times: with up to a maximum of almost 7.2 Mbps.