uts | chippie’s motorola special

This is your chance to get a high quality smart phone of the renowned Motorola brand at an affordable price and get to participate automatically to WIN amazing prizes.

Get it for yourself or a loved one, the perfect gift for the Holidays. These devices are ideal for users who want to get introduced to the use of smart phones. Get an affordable phone which has all the modern day, high-end features that we all want and need nowadays.

Motorola Phones

A Gift that Gives

Get one of these Motorola devices and you’ll automatically get the chance to participate in the raffle to win:

  • A 55” Ultra HD Smart TV
  • An Apple Airpod
  • A PS4 game bundle with 3 games
  • An Apple watch
  • An Apple MacBook



Raffle tickets


Moto C 3GB 1 ANG 199
Moto C Plus 3GB 2 ANG 239
Moto E5 3GB 3 ANG 299
Moto E5 postpaid 5GB + 3000/1000 Min 4 ANG 129 p/m*
  • How it works for prepaid
    • Campaign runs from December 3, 2018 to January 12, 2019.
    • The winners will be announced via our Social media on January 14, 2019.
    • The mobile devices will only be sold in combination with a SURFM3000 bundle of 3GB of data.
    • The customer must have an active Chippie prepaid SIM on which the SURF bundle can be activated.
    • Customer have to additionally purchase a new Chippie prepaid SIM card on which to receive the data if:
      • They do not have an active Chippie prepaid SIM card (reactivation of a disabled number is possible).
      • They already have an active Surf bundle on their current Chippie prepaid SIM card.
      • Their current Chippie number is part of a Chippie Company.
      • They have a residential Chippie Postpaid number.
    Chippie Motorola Special Terms & Conditions (PDF file)
    General Prepaid Terms & Conditions (PDF file)
  • How it works for postpaid
    • The postpaid offers are applicable for new and existing customers. (Postpaid T&C applies)
    • The plan is available with a contract of 2 years.
    • The deal of ANG 129 p/mo has a fair use policy of 2000 minutes to call all Chippie numbers and UTS fixed numbers in Curaçao and within Chippieland, as well as 1000 minutes to call other providers in Curaçao and to top UTS International destinations.
    • This deal includes unlimited SMS messages. Please note that these are subject to a fair use policy of 3000 messages.
    Chippie Motorola Special Terms & Conditions (PDF file)
    General Prepaid Terms & Conditions (PDF file)