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During UTS FUN MONTH we are giving Fun Miles to all new clients who apply for a Home Internet package! To make this even more FUN we are also giving you FREE installation and help you save up to ANG 212! That’s what we call FUN!

Single Play packages

Fun Miles

Start 8Mbps 25
Lite 12Mbps 50
Standard 32Mbps 75
Premium 50Mbps 100

Double Play packages

Fun Miles

Start 6Mbps 75
Lite 12Mbps 100
Standard 32Mbps 125
Premium 50Mbps 150
Holland Start 6Mbps 100
Holland Lite 12Mbps 125
Holland Standard 32Mbps 150

Triple Play packages

Fun Miles

Start 6Mbps 125
Lite 12Mbps 150
Standard 32Mbps 175
Premium 50Mbps 200
Holland Start 6Mbps 150
Holland Lite 12Mbps 175
Holland Standard 32Mbps 200

Apply and participate to win!

In our Fun Day game "Tir’é, Lor’é i Gan’é!"

By applying for any UTS Home Internet package you also get a chance to participate in our Fun Game on October 28, 2017 during our Fun Day at UTS Store Renaissance, where you have the chance to win:
  • 1 year of FREE Home Internet
  • A 40 inch Smart TV and a HD box for free for 1 year
  • a Samsung Galaxy S8
  • 50,000 Fun Miles
Chris Strick with dice
Fun Miles
Fun Miles

More FUN to be a UTS Costumer

With Fun Miles as our loyalty reward program, all UTS customers can use their Fun Miles card to save miles on different products, services, campaigns and also redeem their miles for discounts and/or to buy call credit.

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