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Apply for a Home internet package with 30Mbps or up and receive Free installation and a free smart home monitoring camera!

Free installation

Apply for any of the following broadband packages and get FREE installation!

Free installation

Get a FREE Smart Home Monitoring Camera

The plug and play smart home monitoring camera works on WIFI. It allows you to monitor a room in your home through your smart phone.

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  • Terms & Conditions
    1. Offer is valid from Monday, March 16, 2020 until stock lasts.
    2. The following persons can apply for the Offer:
      1. New customers who apply for a one (1) year Home Internet Package during the Offer Period, and who did not yet apply for a Home Internet Package within thirty (30) days prior to the Offer Period.
      2. Existing customers with a one (1) year Home Internet Package who upgrade to a Home Internet Package with a higher monthly fee than their existing package during the Offer Period.
    3. New customers who apply for a Single Play Lite (12Mbps) package or higher during the period mentioned in rule 1, will receive 100% discount on the installation fees for home internet and fixed line (if applicable). The discount on the installation fees is not applicable for the Single Play Start (8Mbps) package.
    4. If an existing customer upgrades a Home Internet Package, the existing agreement will be automatically renewed with one (1) year. An upgrade is considered an application for a package with a higher monthly fee.
    5. The free smart home monitoring camera is not applicable if at the time of installation it becomes clear that the requested speed cannot be achieved and the customer is offered a package with a speed that is lower than 32Mbps.


    General Terms and Conditions apply