uts | chippie & the flying dutch curaçao

The fun would not be complete without the ease of being connected and having more than enough data to share your experiences during this 5-day event. The Flying Dutch Curaçao festival will not only revolutionize the event scene of Curaçao, but also from the entire Caribbean. Make sure you don’t leave your house without data for this unforgettable event!

Get a total package

Enjoy the greatest event our island has seen in a while. Buy your entrance ticket on your Chippie at any given moment, easily from the palm of your hand for just ANG 199!

ComboS for 30 days

Our combo bundles are perfect for users who enjoy surfing as much as they like to talk and make use of SMS messages. Pamper yourself with this special bundle which gives you more than enough data to enjoy this weeklong event to the max.

Activate now and get:

  • 30GB valid for 30 days
  • 300 minutes to call all Chippie & UTS fixed numbers
  • Unlimited SMS messages
  • 1 unique digital General entrance ticket

Activate easily by sending ‘COMBOS’ to 3434 and follow the instructions.

Flying Dutch
  • Terms and conditions
    • Package costs ANG 199 and is deducted from the core balance upon activation.
    • Fraud with digital entrance tickets will be sole responsibility of the user who buys this Combo on his/her Chippie.
    • Digital ticket can only be scanned once as it has a unique code. Therefore, if shared with others, only the 1st person to uses the digital ticket at the entrance will gain access to the event.
    • The Combo bundle is valid for 30 days and has no data roll-over.