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Chippie offers its users the XL bundles which contain more data and data rollover on the surf bundle so you can enjoy your CARIFLIX application wherever you are. Activate one of these selected bundles which have the CARIFLIX premium package included to enjoy the great variety of content that this award winning application has to offer.

Access to the best

Besides all the benefits Chippie already has to offer such as:
  • the possibility to reload your call credit with Fun Miles,
  • island wide LTE coverage,
  • Chippieland benefits,
  • exclusive download of the Skempi,

Chippie also offers access to CARIFLIX premium package when you activate an XL bundle. This application contains a variety of TV channels (live streaming), radio and videos produced locally, mostly in Papiamentu as well as productions from over 30 producers of the Caribbean region to the community of Curaçao and the entire world. This service has a general section and also a premium package.

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  • How does it work


    Choose your Bundle with CARIFLIX included and send the activation code (see table) via SMS to 3434:
    For example: to activate the Combo X bundle send "combox" to 3434.

    Confirmation message:
    You will receive an SMS requesting to confirm the service you have just applied for. Send A to confirm the requested plan and after confirmation you will receive an SMS with the message that your plan has been charged. Immediately after this you will receive another SMS confirming that your plan has been activated.

    CARIFLIX activation:
    With this plan you will also receive an SMS message containing the code to activate the Premium service on the CARIFLIX application. If you don’t have this app yet, download it first via your app store. Click on a random ‘on demand video’ (of the premium service) and you will be requested to enter the received code.

    Check Balance and Expiration Date of your CARIFLIX Bundles:
    • SMS SURF VAL to 3434 (X bundle)
    • SMS COMBO VAL to 3434 (ComboX bundle, or 3d Combo bundle



SMS to 3434





3 days XL 3 days 3dxl 10 N/A N/A 9.99
Surf XL 30 days surfxl 30* N/A N/A 99.00
Combo XL 30 days comboxl 30* Unlimited** Unlimited** 139.00

To make sure you can keep enjoying your CARIFLIX application and more, Chippie has enabled rollover data on all Surf bundles, including the SURF XL bundle. Re-activate a Surf bundle within 24 hours of expiry of your bundle and keep the rest of your previous data balance! Choose and activate one of these bundles today to start enjoying CARIFLIX premium now!