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Chippie now offers you the option of a 3 day bundle, the ideal bundle to make your weekend even greater. Choose from a 3 day Smart Surf bundle or a 3 day Smart Combo bundle to stay connected while on the go the whole weekend.

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Smart Surf

The 3 day Smart Surf bundle gives you 400 MB of data and is valid for 3 days. 72 hours to enjoy your data and being connected for only ANG 10!

Just send an SMS with ‘3d’ to 3434 to activate the 3 day Smart Surf bundle.

Choose for a Smart Combo bundle for more comfort

A 3 day Smart Combo bundle gives you 400 MB of data, unlimited text (SMS)* and talk minutes*. Now also with CARIFLIX Premium access for Free!
This bundle is valid for 3 days. 72 hours to enjoy being connected with data, talk minutes and SMS’ for only ANG 15!

To activate the 3 day Combo bundle just send an SMS with ‘combo3d’ to 3434.

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3 days 3d 400** N/A N/A ANG 9.99
3 days combo3d 400** Unlimited* Unlimited* ANG 14.99
  • Terms and Conditions

    Activate a 3d bundle and participate to win a Samsung Galaxy S8!

    1. General 1.1. These terms and conditions are applicable to the United Telecommunication Services N.V. (‘UTS’) campaign called “ a Samsung Galaxy S8” (further: ‘this Campaign’) which is held from September 1, 2017 up to and including December 31, 2017.

    1.2. During this Campaign UTS offers to the public the change to win a Samsung Galaxy S8 when they have activated a 3 day Smart surf bundle or a 3 day Smart Combo bundle active during the campaign period.

    1.3. The natural person who uses the Chippie SIM Card number issued under the purchase in Clause 1.2 can participate in this Campaign.

    1.4. Only natural persons with permanent residence on Curacao and in possession of a valid ID can become eligible to a prize in this Campaign, however UTS personnel and personnel of UTS affiliates (TDS and TeleCuraçao) cannot participate in the Campaign.

    1.5. The raffles will take place on Friday January 12, 2018. The prize will be handed to the winner of this Campaign, subject to these terms and conditions. 2. Collection of the Prize 2.1. UTS shall undertake to contact the Participant selected by the raffle (‘Selected Winner’) between January 15, 2018 and January 17, 2018. UTS shall place the winner on the UTS Facebook page and send the winner an SMS. The information about collection of the prize will be on Facebook and in the SMS.

    2.2. UTS shall undertake to contact the Selected Winner with a maximum of 4 times in the above period of time, therein using the telephone number that was drawn. In case such Selected Winner cannot be reached that way, that person’s rights to be awarded the Prize shall be forfeited and UTS reserves the right to select in such case an alternate Winner, again by raffle as specified in Section 1.

    2.3. The Selected Winner approached under clause 2.2 must be willing to participate to have his or her picture taken or participate in producing video material which will be used by UTS for promotion purposes (‘the Production’).

    2.4. Selected Winner must declare to be willing and able to perform and fully cooperate in the Production therein observing UTS’ reasonable demands in order to have the Production meeting UTS’ purposes of promotion.

    2.5. The Selected Winner who declares in conformity with clauses 2.3 and 2.4 is declared the Final Winner, subject to his/her participation in the Production.

    2.6. In case the Selected Winner does not fully agree to Clauses 2.3 and 2.4 he/she irrevocably waives any rights to be awarded the Prize in this Campaign and UTS shall elect another Selected Winner by raffle as in Section 1 and this Section 2 will (again) apply.

    2.7. A right to be granted the Prize cannot be transferred to another person, exchanged or redeemed for cash.

    2.8. The Final Winner must claim the Prize in person at the location and at the time indicated by UTS personnel.

    2.9. The Final Winner must properly identify himself/herself and be in possession of a valid sedula, passport or driver’s license and – in case the Final Winner has a Chippie Prepaid account - he or she must show the phone with the indicated phone number when collecting the Prize.

    2.10. In case the Final Winner is younger than 18 years, he or she shall be accompanied by at least one parent, or legal custodian in the possession of a valid identification document which must be presented at the awarding of the Prize. Such parent or legal custodian is bound by these terms and conditions as if he or she were the Winner.

    3. Intellectual property rights 3.1. By accepting the Prize, the Final Winner irrevocably waives any and all intellectual property rights arising from or in relation with any object, image or product arising from the Production and allows UTS the usage and distribution of the Production in any jurisdiction in/through any media for an indefinite period of time without the Final Winner becoming entitled to any compensation from such use or distribution.

    3.2. The waivers specified in this Section shall be recorded by both the Final Winner signing written declarations for such purpose. Refusal of signing such declaration will result in UTS’ refusal to grant the Prize and Final Winner’s irrevocable waiver to be awarded the Prize.

    4. Miscellaneous 4.1. Any person accepting the Prize does so at his/her sole risk and irrevocably indemnifies UTS for any consequences whatsoever arising from, or in any connection whatsoever with the Production and UTS using and/or publishing the Production, or part thereof, on the internet or distributing it in any other media.

    4.2. If for any reason, this Campaign proves impossible to be run as planned because of circumstances including, but not limited to, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes, which, in UTS’ sole judgment, corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Campaign, UTS reserves the right - in its sole discretion - to decide on any issue in fairness, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Campaign and to select the winner from entries received prior to such event or interruption. UTS may disqualify any Participant who tampers with the entry process or operation of this Campaign or acts in breach with the letter and/or true purpose of these terms and conditions.

    4.3. For all cases in which these terms and conditions do not fully provide adequate stipulations UTS shall seek reasonable solutions therein weighing its own interests and Participants’ interests.

    4.4. All decisions of UTS under these terms and conditions shall be final and binding to all persons participating in this Campaign.

    4.5. A copy of these terms and conditions can be obtained from UTS on request and without charge.