With Chippie you get more!

In the past years, we have worked hard to keep improving our products and services and now we are ready to launch the new Chippie!!

With Chippie is more, our customers can expect MORE:

  • The latest technology in the telecom industry on the island: we have introduced LTE for FREE in all our premium data plans. We will continue expanding our LTE network coverage.
  • Attractive international rates: call friends and family in 7 popular international destinations with Chippie Culture.
  • More benefits while traveling in Chippieland: Local rates for voice and data are applicable when travelling in Chippieland.
  • More point of sales: Next to the UTS stores and Authorized distributors, Chippie has resellers all around the island.
  • Improvement in the customer experience: The average waiting time in our stores is now 15 minutes.
  • More choices and flexibility when it comes to our products and services.
  • Products and services that will fit our customer’s needs.
  • Attractive campaigns!

This is just to show you in a nutshell why ‘Chippie is more’! So stay tuned for more from Chippie as we will present this to you bit by bit!