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With the aim to add more value to the lives of our customers, we are proud to announce that UTS has officially become the branding partner of Skempi, as of 2015. Skempi is an online music streaming platform that provides a wide variety of music genres solely from Caribbean artists.

Our partnership with Skempi is another magnificent way to enhance your experience with us. As music is considered to be a universal language, we at UTS believe that through music you can feel, express and enjoy life even more. As one of our prestigious chippie users you will be entitled to exclusive campaigns, events, and promo deals. Elevate your mood with the Caribbean flavor music through Skempi’s website or Skempi App.

Skempi Website

You can listen to the latest hits, including a top 40, at any time and wherever you are. Besides, you can also explore a large database of old songs. Independent or unsigned Caribbean music artists or bands and representatives of Record Labels vested in the Caribbean, can upload all of their music on Skempi.

Skempi Mobile App

What’s even more convenient is the fact that you can have access to the mobile application of this music streaming platform at a significantly reduced price. This app is especially made for true music lovers, who want to have their favorite songs at just one click away. Let’s turn up the beat with Skempi App!

Bearing in mind that both UTS as Skempi are determined and very enthusiastic to enrich your day-to-day standard of living, it should not be a surprise that we took the initiative to team up. Being in the telecommunication industry, UTS wants to make sure you are given the best of the best when it comes to technology commodities. Both partners will work closely with one another to ensure that you, our valued customers, are having a more pleasant and entertaining time while using Chippie and Skempi.