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UTS kicks off major brand revitalization

Willemstad May 17, 2017 - United Telecommunications Services N.V announces the roll-out of a major brand revitalization focused on aligning customer experience with new technologies and improved business practices of the company. The company affirms its belief that creating meaningful relationships with its customers is essential in ensuring continued successful operations.

The markets UTS operates in are all highly competitive, where substitutes for its services have become mainstream affecting original business models. Furthermore investments needed to meet the ever growing customer demands are high and profitability is under pressure. To address this, UTS is in the process to become more and more customer centric and make the organization more efficient by simplifying and digitalizing its operations. This renewed focus creates the need to revitalize the brand, so it better reflects the mission UTS is on.

The objective of the brand revitalization is to ensure that the company fosters and further develops its relationship with the most important person: the customer. Over the past year, UTS has conducted extensive market research to develop the new approach to directly address the aspirations, needs and expectations of its customers. The research results indicate that traditional boundaries are becoming more vague. People are simultaneously off and online, expect to be seamlessly connected at home and on the go and the barrier between work and private life has also become increasingly more blurred.


"UTS customers are central in everything we say and do and are as diverse as the communities that we serve. In the ‘always on world’ which we live in, the one thing our customers all have in common is that they all strive for  a better quality of life for themselves and their communities.", said Paul de Geus, CEO of UTS. To get things done, they count on reliable and powerful connectivity to connect with others anywhere and anytime. We aim to provide affordable solutions needed to give them access to information and tools that make them smarter, faster and more efficient. Important in that process, is customer service that is respectful of their time and effective in resolving any issues.


UTS promises to provide its customers with powerful connectivity so they can focus on transforming daily life challenges into success stories. This is done by focusing on 4 key brand pillars: powerful networks, superior customer experiences, no-nonsense customer service and exemplary leadership. UTS is working diligently to continuously improve on these areas.


The brand revitalization introduces a new brand identity that includes a new logo and icon. These will be used across all territories that UTS operates in to maintain a clear and uniform image.. The logo will be used in combination with a new, very unique icon, intended as a symbol of connectivity, transformation, achievement and hope.


“Feel the Connection”
UTS also unveils “Feel the Connection”. With this new tagline UTS aims to emphasize the power of being connected to the people you need to on a daily basis, whether it is family, friends, business associates or resources. With UTS, you have the power to reach your goals in life and to be able to keep in touch with the people that are most important to you.


The Internal branding process has started several months ago and is now going public by means of an advertising campaign that starts today, May 17 on Telecommunication Day. The campaign will involve a cross-section of print, digital and social media with a consistent look, feel and message that can be felt through every customer experience. Customers will also experience the new brand reflected in UTS stores on all of the territories where it operates. The transformation of the UTS stores will be completed in the course of the following weeks. The introduction of the new brand identity will be accompanied as well by various offers and promotional activities to emphasize the meaning behind ‘Feel the Connection’.


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