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Cariflix wins the PRODU Awards Tecnología 2018 at Las Vegas

Congrats Curaçao!

It is with great pride that TeleCuraçao and UTS announce that Cariflix won the prestigious PRODU Awards Tecnología 2018 yesterday at Las Vegas. Cariflix was nominated by Produ Awards at the world’s biggest television and media convention, which is the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and won in the category “Best technological project”.
The nominees consisted of:

  • Cariflix from the Caribbean
  • Vlixers from El Salvador
  • TCS Go from El Salvador
  • FNC from Costa Rica por ChyronHego
  • http://Cine.ar from Primestream Argentina
  • MegaCable from Mexico
  • Fanatiz from SmartBox TV (Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Peru)

Cariflix is a product with solid roots in TeleCuraçao and UTS and was developed by Streann Media. Mr. Hugo Lew Jen Tai, general manager of TeleCuraçao and the representatives of Streann Media received the PRODU Awards 2018 during the NAB show in Las Vegas. We must say that Mr. Alfredo Yanes of Produ Awards explained that Cariflix figures among the greatest in the region.

Cariflix Caribbean is a fact. More than 30 producers from the Caribbean are now affiliated to Cariflix via GT Caribbean (GT=Great Things). Users can already see that programs from Caribbean producers are being uploaded to Cariflix.

In barely 8 months of existence, Cariflix is up to 100 thousand downloads from which 30 thousand are constantly active and has already more than 1000 programs uploaded as VOD (Video on Demand), various TV stations as well as local radio stations while Cariflix is generating an average of 700 thousand impressions per month. The massive acceptance and success of Carflix resounds with already 2 great achievements: The Curaçao Innovation Awards 2017 and now the PRODU Awards Tecnología 2018 in Las Vegas.

Expect a lot more from Cariflix, as it will continue to help with the growth of our local productions and entertain, inform and educate you wherever you are. For more information visit the Facebook page of Cariflix or go to www.cariflix.com.


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