New television experience for TDS customers

Former television platform to be permanently shut down by yearend

Willemstad, November 2020 -- A new and exciting viewing experience has arrived for TDS customers, as Flow and UTS moves to permanently shut down the former television platform by yearend.

TDS, a subsidiary of UTS, now forms part of Liberty Latin America (LLA) and customers are being migrated to the new Flow Evo platform that is delivered via the company’s state-of-the-art HFC network.

Highlights of Flow Evo include an expanded channel line-up, locally-produced programming, a video-on-demand library with over 5,000 titles, cloud recording and replay options, along with exclusive pay-per-view events and HBO content.

“This important migration will help to transform the viewing experience for TDS customers, as they will now have access to a fully digital and interactive television platform with world-class content being delivered in high-definition,” said Danny Macaya, Country Manager, Dutch Caribbean, Flow.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the very best service, value and connectivity, and for our TDS customers specifically, we are on a mission to transform and expand their in-home entertainment options while making the transition to Flow Evo as smooth as possible.”

At the same time, the company is also migrating customers from the old copper network to the new industry-standard HFC network which will deliver increased internet speeds and improved overall reliability. Once migrated to the new Flow Evo service, TDS customers also have the option to seamlessly add Flow’s broadband internet to their account.

What is important to note is that TDS customers who do not migrate to Flow Evo will experience a loss of television service, as the former TDS platform will cease to exist beyond 2020.

“We are encouraging all TDS customers to migrate to Flow Evo as soon as possible, as the former television platform will be permanently decommissioned at the end of the year. We have been making contact with customers to schedule their migration and we will also have a series of public events in the coming weeks where more information will be available,” added Macaya.

“Likewise, we are inviting TDS customers give us a call toll free at 9274 to schedule their migration to Flow Evo. These are exciting times for Flow, UTS and TDS, and with our combined strengths and scale, we now look forward to providing our television customers with the very best programming available in the Dutch Caribbean.”

The overall migration projects form part of LLA’s commitment to become a champion for progress in the region. Cable & Wireless Communications, the operators of Flow, UTS and TDS, forms part of Liberty Latin America.


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