Flow/UTS guided Minister Zita Jesus Leito through an insightful site visit

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao (November 4, 2020) – Focused on its commitment of providing transparency and clarity to the community of Curaçao, Flow/UTS invited Minister of Telecommunication and Transport, Mrs. Zita Jesus Leito to one of the build sites on the west side of Curaçao, being the Banda Bou area, to show her the work that is being done to provide not only this area but the entire island, with the best of the best in telecom technology.

For Flow/UTS it is a great milestone to be able to provide its customers with a service that is of superior quality. The company is currently extending its state if the art technology bringing high speed services to the west of the island via the superior HFC network which of course keeps with international standards. This is the direction the world and modern technology is going for the delivery of telecom services at the best level and Flow/UTS is keeping up with modern day developments and technologies.

During this pleasant morning, Minister Jesus Leito had the opportunity to see for herself how the processes take place, and was able to ask numerous questions which were gladly answered by a group of very dedicated professionals in the technical area of the project.


“It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to show one of our main stakeholders, the Minister of Telecommunication, how we are investing in this area and how the services are being rolled out, as well as the process of connecting the customers on this network” said Mr. Danny Macaya, Country Manager for Flow/UTS.


The Minister was very pleased with the information received and gave credit to the teams on site for their hard work and dedication

Flow/UTS customers can expect a great deal of innovations as the company continues to increase its HFC coverage over the island which is already at 85% of the households ̶ a technology that offers numerous advantages such as speeds of up to 150Mbps! Such service provides any customer with all of his/her telecom needs. The company is determined to serve its customers accordingly.


Mr. Macaya continued to indicate: “We have been listening to the community and are working diligently to meet our customer’s expectations. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way our customers perceive and make use of especially their fixed services. We are aware of our important role in keeping them connected to what matters most, as connectivity is a catalyst for their personal successes and that of our community and economy as a whole.”


The community of Banda Bou has started to experience the new network; a reliable connectivity which it has been waiting for. With this technology the area is now going ahead of others as it is beginning to enjoy the newest of the newest in telecom technology! Flow/UTS will continue to enable the development of the citizens and economy of Curaçao as it recognizes its important role as the backbone of the community through the delivery of essential services.


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