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Chippie facilitates its data users with ‘auto-renewal’

Don’t worry, stay connected automatically

Willemstad, July 22, 2019 – Regular users of Chippie data will not have to worry about the activation of a new bundle once their current bundle expires. This, because Chippie introduces ‘auto-renewal’ on all other data bundles known as the SURF bundles.

‘Auto-renewal’ makes the life of our users easier as their bundle will re-activate automatically once the current bundle expires if the customer has enough credit on his/her balance. Thus, you will not have to remember to activate and confirm your request by sending the letter A to 3434. This will no longer be necessary. 24 hours prior to the expiration of the bundle, the customer will receive an SMS which indicates this. The customer keeps the possibility to make use of ‘auto-renewal’ or cancel this.

As a user you will not have to worry any longer about the risk to lose your data roll-over if you have data left in your bundle when it expires. Just make sure you have enough credit on your balance and it will re-activate automatically. What a peace of mind!

As indicated, this introduction is for all other Chippie SURF bundles as the users of the 1 day bundle of 70MB, the surfd70, were already enjoying this great benefit. Please note that ‘auto-renewal’ is not applicable on Chippie’s Combo bundles and neither the 3DS and 3MS bundles.

To activate any Chippie bundle and check the balance of your data, minutes and/or SMS, go to the miUTS app at any time. If you don’t have this yet, download it for free via your app store, so you can access your information, and/or activate any bundle easily at any given moment.

For more information on all Chippie bundles and much more, visit www.uts.cw or our Facebook page www.facebook.com/utscuracao

Chippie ta fasilitá nos usuarionan di data ku ‘auto-renewal’

No preokupá, keda konektá outomátikamente

Willemstad, 22 di yüli 2019 – Usuarionan regular di data di Chippie awor no tin ku preokupá mas ku aktivashon di bùndel di data na momento ku esun aktual tèrminá, ya ku Chippie ta introdusí ‘auto-renewal’ riba su demas data bùndelnan, konosí komo SURF bundles.

‘Auto-renewal’ ta fasilitá bida di nos usuarionan, ya ku na momento ku e bùndel di data aktual yega su fecha di vensementu, esaki por ser renobá outomátikamente si e kliente tin sufisiente krédito riba su telefòn. Pues, bo no tin ku keda kòrda mas pa aktivá i konfirmá dor di manda e lèter A na 3434. Esaki ya lo no ta nesesario mas. 24 ora promé ku e bùndel ekspirá, e kliente lo risibí un SMS indikando esaki. E kliente ta keda ku e eskoho pa hasi uso di ‘auto-renewal’ òf kanselá esaki.

Komo usuario bo no tin ku preokupá mas ku kore e rísiko di pèrdè bo data roll-over si akaso bo a sobra data na momento ku bo bundel a kaduká. Djis sòru pa bo tin sufisiente krédito i esaki lo sosodé di forma outomátiko! Esta un trankilidat!

Manera indiká e introdukshon aki ta pa e demas SURF bundles di Chippie, ya ku nos usuarionan di e bundel di 1 dia di 70MB, e surfd70, ya kaba tabata disfrutá di e tremendo benefisio aki. Tene kuenta ku ‘auto-renewal’ no ta aplikabel riba Chippie su Combo bundles, ni tampoko e 3DS i 3MS bundles.

Pa aktivá kualke Chippie bundle i kontrolá bo saldo di data, minüt i/òf SMS, konsultá bo miUTS app libremente. Si akaso bo no tin esaki, download e grátis via bo app store, p’asina bo por yega na bo informashon i/òf aktivá kualke bùndel fásilmente na kualke momento.

Pa mas informashon di tur Chippie bundles i hopi mas, bishitá www.uts.cw òf nos página di facebook www.facebook.com/utscuracao

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